Our Academic Hardware Division

Due to changes in academic funding, schools are tasked with working within severely constrained budgets. Regular hardware refresh cycles can be difficult if not impossible. National hardware vendors often provide hardware that lacks adequate support and service taxing already overextended internal support staff.

We understand the need for value based hardware solutions, however we also understand customers still demand first class service and support. Approximately 10 years ago, we partnered with Intel under their Intel Product Dealer program. we are now an Intel Gold Technology Provider and that allows us access to Intel's unmatched service and support. Intel has demonstrated their committment to their dealers with benefits such as 3 year warranties and next day replacement parts on all of their system components, 24x7 server support and the most knowledgeable support technicians we deal with. They've recently implemented options to extend server warranties to 5 years. The build quality on all components are unmatched in the industry and customers typically see double the expected lifecycle from our Intel based systems.

Contact us for more information on how we can provide systems and support that exceed your expectations!

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