Our Consulting Services

Since 1996, the highly trained professionals at Accounting Technology Specialists have provided services and solutions tailored to the size and needs of your company. We can assist you in evaluating your current technology and your objectives for the future with our network assessment and design and implementation services. We can provide the hardware and software that you need to fulfill your goals with our custom built desktops and servers. We can help improve efficiency in your daily operations with training staff, as well as monitoring and maintaining equipment.

Historically our clients have experienced much greater uptime and system stability than industry norms when they follow our recommended guidelines. Our philosophy is conservative with respect to adoption of new technologies and both hardware and software vendors must prove themselves with real world data before we will embrace their products and recommend them to our clients. We often act as an advocate on behalf of clients when they are exploring options with new technologies, software vendors, etc. We're not afraid to ask technology vendors the hard questions! For these reasons, many clients experience significant reductions in technology investment and maintenance costs. We have the experience to assist you every step of the way - let us show you how!

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